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  • daniel oliveira
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    Where was the Blue born? In the poetic chemistry of celestial inspiration! Where did the colors come from? From the heart of God! A Where is the winner born? In the hearts of those who always believe in the victory smile! The Blue is born in the victory shout! Henceforth, Blue will be born from the faith invisible tones! Ich bin Blau Werden, sehr glücklich! Ich bin froh, dass Blau Werden! The fission of the poetic atom generates an explosion of the intrinsic verses from the soul, and the explosion of the victory smile in the heart! The bridges of the faith of the word unite hearts in eternal bonds of love! The finger on the poetry trigger triggers shoot the verse of wisdom! The Starlight Gardener delivers bouquets of moonlight flowers inspired by the verses open windows of the night homes for the maidens who dream of living an unforgettable love! The Moonlight ocean waves are the night embroidery ornamenting the horizons of the gaze! The words are the poetic guitar of the Man of words, where he strums and makes solos of love verses! The Book of Love is empty on the pages of the Heart Stories! The heart stage is an anthropophagist and caricatural monologue, and a sentimental theater of false and true characters! The Solitude Castle is built on the architecture of the individualistic plans of the heart! In the deep loneliness of the abyss of the storm of the heart, there is a glimpse of the rupture of thought! The eclipse of thought happens in the interception of the sun of hope on the heart horizon! The human being is a slave to his thoughts! The consequences are the embryo, the seed and the harvest of shadows and lights from good and bad attitudes! The human numeral is an indecipherable equation through thereason thoughts! The Algebra Angel calculates the human numeral! The harshness of days and the adversities of time, make feelings hostage to insensitivity! The Forgetfulness is one of antidotes in the true process of repentance! The paradise of economic ciphers only buy the ephemeral things in life! If the poetic alligator spoke, It would pronounce the eloquent speech of atrocious and cutting words! The Moon is pregnant through the poet's dreamy poetry! Robeen Westt took off his poetic mask to the light of reason's glowing glabrous chandeliers, and revealed and proved to be a friend of John Doe's noble causes, John Nobody! The rain is the sincere expression of the sky of tears firmament clouds! The rain is the genuine heavenly manifestation of the clouds of the sky! The malemolence of maleficence and backbiting is not in the balance of the accentuation of the lie around and the wiggling of the dance of the curves of the retractances and recesses and in poetic ballet of the feminine body lines, but in the irascible violence of the reticences of the shameless heart, and in the eyes of impudicity! The invisible seed of faith is born among the rivers of the truth of the feelings of the soul's heart! The listlessness slander is not in the swing of the accentuation of the hump and waddle dance of deeps verses curves , and the poetic sensual ballet of the female body traits, but in the uncontrollable ferocity of the shameless heart suspension points, and the foulness eyes! The poetic bowsman launches the boleadeas to hold strong the brave of the thoughts of the heart! The Paratroopers Jump Poetics jump inexorably behind the lines of defense of the heart !! The filters and strainers of the percolator words coupled in the cullender thoughts promote the process of analysis and scrutiny of all the contents in the heart! The Propaganda works from the outside to the inside and from the inside out on the soul vision billboards! The rooster is the onomatopoeic harebell at dawn house of the morning; and who said that the animals company does not listen to the star symphony! Pump money into the financial coffers driven by greedy cleft is the root of all evil! The Love is the brotherhood of the virtues of the soul's feelings! The city mermaid woman comes out of the adjective ocean, adorned with shining compliments and showing her paradisiacal beauty! Hiding the truth is the favorite game of darkness! The darkness of the night and the opportunities designed and planned it is the robber's garment and the soul thief steals the souls that are in the attitudes of the darkness of the heart and practices dark behavior in the darkness of the heart! The poet does not laugh at life, much less life laughs at the poet! The body asks for and demands physical exercises from the moment that the body cultivates with dedication and disciplines the physical exercises! Behavioral composure is the correct posture to be obtained! There is no defeat for the faith! The invisible seed of faith was born among the confluences of the rivers of truth of the feelings of the soul's heart! The poetic Looper is a flying ball of verses that becomes a hitting streak when falling out of the reach of the internal players of the literary composition! The floating ballerinas of the stars inspiration dance brilliant ballet in the petal of the equilibrium of suavity and softness on the tip of the toes of the verses of the performance! Today's Lie is the eternal headstone without tomorrow! Injecting money into the coffers of finance with a craving for greed is the root of all ills! For women Formula One pilots of life, men's ears are their favorite cookpit! Self-motivation needs to be pulled and powered by fighter jet engines to fly the flight of inspiration! The Words are faithful witnesses to the decay of the heart! The Envy is the reflection and meditation of evil! The mathematics of love has the perfect measure to unite the hearts that love each other, despite the distances that separate them! The Sun has the infallible originality to publish the day light; and the Moon has the infallible originality to illuminate the Poet's heart! The Heart does not want the armistice in the war of feelings! War and Peace play chess on the board of trenches and barricades in the heart! The poet was not always alert to achieve the verses of the world Jambo, however was always alert to not atrophy the mind in uniform of slutty and sarcasm of idiots! Who can distinguish the essences from the tears, and who knows and can measure the depth of a tear? The whole height of the attitudes provokes an action that generates a mathematical proportion of the impact of the consequence reaction! The Bitterness and heartache steal the plumb of reason's stability! The Way of life is interwoven in countless Way! The Alcohol Autopsy reveals the sensation of the miraculous asp! There is an endless war with the Forbesco Indian of the curare zarabatana blowgun of the illusions of life! The Revanche only makes sense when it springs from the desire for rehabilitation! The helmsman of the taverns holds with the muscles of faith and with his peculiar pride the ship's ballast rope in the oceanic storm ! When the goalkeeper conquers in his soul the determination to defend the penalty, he grows in the dimension of the mountains on the horizon of life! Looking at a woman is a delight, but looking at the truth is an eternal delight! The Prestige, sometimes, depends on the hypocrisy of others! The Laws of Physics do not exist in Chinese martial arts films, and which they are undoubtedly excellent, the only one who actually did this was Jesus Christ!!! The Rain is the sincere heavenly expression of the clouds of the firmament! The Rain is the glossary of tears from the adventures and misfortunes of heaven! The blue princess has a lioness smile in the orchestral heat! 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    Азмун: Ты полностью заслужил стать лучшим бомбардиром сезона 2020-2021, а Дзюба не заслужил

  • Олжас Ильясов
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    Дзюбадан басқа ешкім жоқпа не Азмун қайда

  • Andrey Vlasov
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    Лига приколов

  • Igro 78
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    А как же лучший гол сезона в ворота Спартака?

  • Хозяин


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    Лучший гол сезона в ворота Зенита

  • good day
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    Тиньков Тренировка Лига

  • Хозяин


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    Газпром Тренировка Лига